To Whom It May Concern
This summer, I was introduced to the book The Journey of Fallen Rock, by Bill Merical. I instantly fell in
love with it. As a fourth grade teacher I first saw the connection to our United States Regional Studies
immediately. Upon reading it I gave each student a map. They were able to trace the route and follow the
two boys across the USA. When the boys did a challenge, the kids would find the location and then draw a
symbol to remind them of that task. The next aspect I found exciting was the character piece. This one
actually thrilled me the most, as I teach a 45 minute character education block each morning of our
morning character circle meeting. The kids were able to connect what the boys were doing with some of
our character ed. lessons. They were able to pull out the six traits like responsibility, trustworthiness,
respect and others. I gave the kids a character report card at the end of the story and had them rate both
Fallen Rock and Running Water on each trait. They had to back each grade with evidence.  What was so
cool about this was that they saw things I didn't, and they thought of them through a child's eye. They
picked the obvious reasons, but they also picked evidence that I totally missed. They loved this
discussion. One of my favorite parts of the book is when the brothers see each other and wave. They are
competitive but it is a healthy competition instead of a vindictive one. Bill reminds the kids often that
though they are competing they are brothers first and they think about each other often. My 4th graders
would get angry daily when I would say that was it for the day. They would have sat for the entire book in
one setting without a peep. I had to constantly remind them NOT to read ahead. I even had parents email
me wanting to know when the book was going to come home.  Lastly the road signs. Just the other day, I
had a student share, very excitedly, that they had seen a watch for fallen rock sign on their way to Great
Falls. Does this tell me they are connecting this story to their real world? Oh yeah! We just finished up the
book last week. The kids were finally able to take the books home. I am sure they cracked them open again
with mom or dad. Even the above reactions I have shared are dim compared to the coolest part ever of
this book. It was the fact that Bill took the time to personalize each and every book for each and every
student with his autograph and message. To see their very own name in the book was just too much! They
were totally sold on the story before they even opened to page one. To me, a teacher, to see a child's eyes
grow big with awe and wonder is worth every cent spent on a brand new book! We surely enjoyed our
Tammie E., Bitterroot Elementary,  Billings, Montana
B.R.A.G. Medallion
Bill Merical
1411 Woodfield Ct.
Farmington, MO. 63640
Thank you for writing such a wonderful story!  It is well written, unique and draws the reader in.  I am sure that parents
and teachers everywhere will find this a valuable addition to their libraries. I loved it, and hope that you will to!
Clare H. Co-President of Colonie Central PTSA  N.Y.
Protect and Preserve
Our Natural Resources
To whom it may concern.
I am a teacher at a small, inner city private school. I have received copies of this "lovely, thoughtful"
book and am now using it in my class.  Although I feel the reading level is below my class, grade level
(which is sixth grade) I feel the advantages of this writing goes beyond, in many areas. With the new
NYS Common Core Standards, it is imperative to motivate and to teach across the curriculum. This
book inspires in thoughts, the written creative word and in its motivation of adventure in our
beautiful USA!! I also love the value of the book stressing our resources and their dangers of loss. I
have already created my own lessons but would love to receive what lessons you have available.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Deborah W.  St. Augustines School  Troy, N.Y.  March 2013
"Have this; read this; and love this. My 9 year old granddaughter, Hadleigh has it, and loves it also; and
both our's are autographed.  Thank you Bill Merical
Katherine S.  July 13, 2013
Bill, Your book is my son Wyatt's favorite. I've heard him time and time again mention it as his favorite.
Marcus S.  July 2013
Thanks to everyone that made my visit to           
Arrowhead, Alkali Creek, Sandstone & Bitterroot
Elementary Schools in Billings, Montana
such a great time!

Getting to meet all the 4th grade teachers and talk with all your
students was very special.

Excited to have just sent over 450 books for the 4th year to
the Billing's 4th graders.
Enjoy your journey!
Thank you again for coming to Montana - it was awesome.  The kids are still talking about it.
Mary H.,  4th Grade Teacher, Billings, Montana, October 2013
Bill, The book is great! What a fantastic story for young and old alike.  No lectures, just a good
story that has many lessons within. My kids want to read it over and over again. Can't wait till
our next road trip.
Charlie N.  November 2013
Thank you for sending "The Journey of Fallen Rock" to my kids. We just finished reading it and they really enjoyed
it. This past summer we visited the Smoky Mountains so that portion of the story really got their attention! I enjoyed
reading it as well. Everytime I see a road sign I will think of this story. We will do our best to care for and protect our
Amy T.  Fredericktown, MO.  Dec. 2013
Fallen Rock Friday
for 4th graders at
Arrowhead Elementary, Billings, Montana
January 3, 2014
The Journey of Fallen Rock is a story, dream and wish that I had in my mind for over 30 years after telling it
once to my little brother in 1974.  My thoughts of who and what Fallen Rock, his family and friends were and
what they did was always in my mind.  After becoming a grandfather I wanted to write this story down so my
daughters could share this story about family, character and all of our great natural resources with my
grandchildren.  I really believe that I may have thought it would be a great guide for them to use in raisng their
children. Fallen Rock's story is everything I hope my grandkids grow up to be and everything I wish I had
been. So, The Journey of Fallen Rock I hope is just a story that kids enjoy and dream about.  I hope they can
remember all the road signs, the six task that Fallen Rock had to accomplish on his journey and remember that
just doing what is right and being a good person is what life is all about.  When I think about Fallen Rock, his
family and friends I am a better person and I hope that some of what I feel everyday about Fallen Rock others
can share as they travel on their own journey through life.
Bill Merical