My children so enjoyed your book. I was just wondering if you have published anymore?
Angie M.  June 2013

"that is where the bald eagle's nest is, so that is where I must go," sums
up what this 50 year ol Aunt took from the awesome tale.  Challenges that
seem unobtainable can be done, with valor, respect and self confidence.
The Author has brilliantly captured a way to take very familiar road signs
and turn them into life lessons.  A connection, children can carry with
them during their own personal life journey of respecting the land, animals
and each other.I can see my nephews many years from now in the car with their children,
coming upon these "signs", remembering "The Journey of Fallen Rock" and
begin to tell the story to the next generation.
Kids, do you know how that sign got it's name ?................
Thank YOU, Aunt Penny O., Farmington, Missouri.

Bill, I received my package of books and T-shirts today and immediately began reading. I think it makes a strong
statement about how to take care of the land we love. It also is an exciting trip across the country for the two
brothers to find the "scavenger hunt" items that they need to fullfill their quest. I'm sure my grandchildren are
going to enjoy the trip as much as I did and hopefully introduce it to teachers and classmates in their schools.
Thanks againn and Merry Christmas.
Robert M.  (Grandfather) Kennesaw, GA.  Dec. 2012

Hi Bill, I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to let you know that I finished the book and would like to share my
1.  I like the fact that both boys and girls can enjoy the book and get the message. It truly is gender-neutral, if
you will.
2.  Great story that really helps solidify the analogies! I know it's a children's book, but I read in one sitting to
see what happened next! You really put the reader in the environment and the world in which they lived and
experienced all of their adventures.
3.  The theme of Fallen Rock basically forgoing his inheritance and rightful place as Chief in order to fulfill his
purpose, comes through loud and clear.  In my mind, and this may be more of a "guy" thing, submitting to a life
of service in order to fulfill a more noble purpose vs striving to achieve what society would consider the more
powerful position of Chief was a powerful point.
4.  I suppose the more obvious message is to take care of our environment and respect life, which is very clear
and articulated well.
I really enjoyed it and appreciate the signed copy!
Robert W.   Saltillo, MS.  November, 2012

The last two days spent with you, the students and teachers were incredible! YOU are changing lives by your
message in
The Journey of Fallen Rock, Keep inspiring those little minds, the world will be a better place.
Sherrie H.  Director of Education,  Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority,  October, 2012

I read a clever, uplifting book, The Journey of Fallen Rock by Bill Merical recently. The Journey of Fallen Rock
is the story of brothers, the sons of a chief who embark on a journey to determine who will be the next chief.
Environmental consciousness is woven into the fast paced, suspenseful story-line. Reluctant readers will
especially enjoy this book.
Susy Koontz  September 10, 2012

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Journey of Fallen Rock. The lessons in the story are as
topical to today as they were when Fallen Rock and Running Water left for their adventure. You can adapt the
story to your own life and the journey of your children and the paths they take in their adventures and the
lessons they learn along the way; I will share it with them.
Bill has the creative talent to take a story of words and let the reader relate it to their own vision; like a artist
painting we see it based on our experiences.Thanks Bill for the adventure, looking forward for more.
Mike Dydynski,  Moore, Oklahoma   July 15, 2012

Bill, Ken brought your book over and read the entire story to my kids, they are 7, 6 and 3. They all sat next to
Ken while he read the whole book, it took approximately an hour. This is a huge feat for my 3 year old. The next
day my wife did a road trip to Ohio and they were yelling out all the road signs. She did not pay much attention
to the book so she did not know what game they were playing. Upon their return the kids ran to their books and
started talking about the signs again. So it clicked for my wife and she thought it was extremely cute that the
kids retained so much. I believe the book is extremely well written with a great story line. Great job and I think it
is a book we will enjoy for many years to come.
Mark Y.   Chicago, IL.  July 2012

My name is Tammie and my friend Rusty sent me your book to use in my 4th grade class, and can I just say I
am SOOOOO excited to do so! Not only do I love the environment aspect, but the character piece has my name
written all over it!!! Plus, as an added bonus it fits right in with our 4th grades study of the US regions. I am
going to have each student keep a map and plot the journey. I am also going to have all the signs ready to put
up as they are introduced. I am also impressed with the native american add in. You kind of form a picture in
your head what Fallen Rock and Running Water look like, but when you get to the picture on page 66 your mind
changes, or at least mine did. I can't wait to share it with others! Thanks for inspiring me!
Tammie E.    4th Grade Teacher,  Billings, MT.   July 14, 2012

My classes and I just completed reading and studying the novel with 6th grade students. It is an engaging and
thoughtful book that is appropriate for all ages. I was able to incorporate many skills in both reading and social
studies. This book is a wonderful tool to introduce new vocabulary, teach skills such as foreshadowing and
symbolism as well as reinforcing skills such as sequencing, cause and effect, summarizing and map skills. They
incorporated the skills they learned by creating a computer based presentation demonstrating their use of
various reading strategies and the new knowledge gained from the text.
My students were able to use their computers to dive deeper in the text and virtually "visit" all of the places that
Fallen Rock visited on his journey. We were able to expand their learning and provide information about places,
animals and things that most of our students have never witnessed in person.
My students also showed an understanding of the deeper meaning of the text including the theme of conserving
our natural resources. They also recognized the symbolism that the road signs play in the path we travel down
in everyday life.The Journey of Fallen Rock leaves a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of all readers,
no matter the age. We look forward to reading the second book to see the new adventures of Fallen Rock and
his friends.     
  Meredith P.    Teacher,  Milam Elementary School,   Tupelo, MS.    April 4, 2012

The Journey of Fallen Rock was a very inspirational and moving. It taught us to conserve our natural resources.
I enjoyed it when he got the mountain lion whisker. I can relate to this book because there are people like
Wrong Way out there in the world. They will always try to tempt you to do the wrong thing and you have to
remember to do what you believe is right. But there are also people like The Protectors of Our Land. They are
trying to help you and can teach you to help others too. I enjoyed this book very much!!!     
6th Grade Student,   Milam Elementary    April 4, 2012   

My journey is complete. What a journey! While reading, The Journey of Fallen Rock I was overcome with a
yearning to "go home." The thread of loving parents and their concern for Fallen Rock and Running Water, as
well as the people they met on their journey, was skillfully woven into the story.
The book is full of intrigue, mystery and the interdependence of man and nature.
The plea to "Watch out for Fallen Rock" is the plea of all parents. It takes all of us watching out for the safety
and wellbeing of others.
Mulene S.    Retired Teacher (still actively substituting)   Poca, W.Va.   April 4, 2012

The Journey of Fallen Rock was an awesome book. There were many adventures and sights to see. The most
important part to me was the Wrong Way sign at the end of the book. I feel as if the sign symbolizes to take the
right way in life, follow your dreams, be who you are and do what is important to you.
6th Grade Student,   Milam Elementary   April 4, 2012

I finished reading your book to my son as we took a road trip and it was a blast and perfect for driving! My son
loved it and then we watched for signs. He is almost 6, so it was a good gauge for the younger crowd too :)
Barbara B.     Stevenson, WA.  PTA   April 3, 2012

I have recently read and taught my students in the 6th grade using The Journey of Fallen Rock. My students
and I loved reading this book. We were able to cover symbolism, vocabulary, cause and effect and sequence of
events, as well as other reading skills all within this one book. I was also able to teach social studies skills to my
students using map skills, culture and conservation of our natural resources. This book has captivated even the
hardest to reach students in my classes. I can not wait to read the second book in this series
Melanie P.    Reading/Social Studies Teacher    Tupelo, MS.  March 29, 2012

This was a very inspirational book.  Thank you for writing this book.  I love it.                                                     
6th Grade Student,   Milam Elementary     March 29, 2012

Thank you so much for coming to our school to share how you wrote the story The Journey of Fallen Rock.  My
third graders were so excited to meet a real author. We all really enjoyed the story so much. They loved all the
road sign names. It is a great story. One of the children said they hoped their 4th grade teacher would read
your next book to them.
Michelle S.  3rd grade teacher - So. Charleston, W.Va.  March 6, 2012

As a teacher and librarian, this is a great book to explain the importance of protecting and conserving our
natural resources. It gets on the child's level and lets them realize that their own actions and choices will have
an impact on future generations.
Marcia P.  Keota, Oklahoma    -   Keota Library Media Specialist

What a great book. A friend gave my husband and me two copies of The Journey of Fallen Rock to take to our
grandchildren (ages 8 and 10). My husband started the book immediately and could not stop. He told me that I
needed to read it but being very busy I was hesitant. I did pick up the book and read about the six challenges
the Chief gave to his two sons, I was hooked. Needless to say I did not put the book down. This story is a
marvelous teaching tool filled with many of life's lessons.
John and Anne B.  West Virginia

The Journey of Fallen Rock is a story that children of all ages will enjoy.  The adventures of Fallen Rock as he
tries to meet the challenge given him by his father, holds your interest. Naming the characters after land forms
and street signs is a unique touch. Teachers of all grades could also use this book to teach the importance of
taking care of all our natural resources.
Dru W.   Retired teacher,  Michigan

Wow! What a great story for children. As a mother, grandmother and teacher for (45 years) it is refreshing to
read a book with characters showing such positive qualities and concern about our environment.
Written through the eyes of a child and using visual vivid word images, the reader feels as though they are
taking the challenge and adventure of crossing the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific themselves.
The double spacing of the sentences and the length of the book makes this an easy read for children. They
can easily pick up the humor element also. I like the list of the characters and their jobs listed in the back of the
Since reading this book, road signs have taken on a whole new meaning. As I drive along the highway and see
these signs, I reflect back on this story and remember the character and job represented by each sign and of
course always look out for the sign that reads Watch Out for Fallen Rock.
Barbara S.   Port Huron,  Michigan